The Q4 Refresh Program
Reina Pomeroy

Q4 Refresh 

This program was built for YOU.

It's all about: 

Focus. Support. Accountability. 

10 weeks.

Accomplish all your 2017 goals before the year ends.

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Only 12 Spots Available

Because I want to focus on YOU. 

You're Probably Feeling like... 

  • you’re spinning your wheels 
  • you're feeling scared that it won't succeed even if you did pursue it 
  • a million ideas are floating around in your head but there's no action 
  • the stress is building and it’s starting to overwhelm and distract you 
  • you’re starting to doubt yourself and question whether you can accomplish your epic goals 
  • there are not enough hours in the day 

It's time for a refresh. 

Q4 is the last quarter of the corporate year. It is the time when people are looking at their financial goals and their other year objectives to check progress and projections. 

For lady bosses like yourself, Q4 is an important time. But for some, it might induce panic about what you haven’t accomplished with such little time left in the year. 

That is where Q4 Refresh steps in! This program is designed to help you to step out of the panic and step into momentum, action, and impact. You’ll go through the ten week group coaching program and make those big ticket items happen for your business before we hit 2018. 

The Q4 Refresh Program Breakdown 

 10 Weeks Long

By the end of these 10 weeks (and the end of 2017) you're going to accomplish your big goals. 

Weekly Calls

For an insane amount of accountability. You announce what you want to be held accountable for and we check in a week later to make sure it got done!

Co-Working Sessions

The ULTIMATE accountability. Sit with us and tackle something you've been putting off. 

In addition to the above the Q4 Refresh Program also includes:

  •  weekly shout outs to hold you to your goals
  •  access to me and your mastermind group through Facebook
  •  a discount for any program I'll launch in 2017

You need: Focus. Support. Accountability. 

You'll walk away with...

  • Confidence in your business and the project you are working on - which is crucial to snagging your ideal clients!
  • FOCUS: Knowing exactly what the steps are to execute your project - so you're no longer in stuck mode, but in execution and income-generating mode.
  • A crystal clear plan for earning revenue and increasing your visibility so that your product/service will create a BIG return on investment (ie. more visibility, more clarity, and more money!)
  • The product that you'll get to tell the world about, be known for, and feel proud of showing it off to your customers. 
  • A product or service that attracts the right audience who want to buy from you.

This much I know...

  • You are an ambitious and driven boss-lady with an amazing vision of where you want your business to go. You see beyond the daily hustle and see the possibility of what could be. You’ve got your target on making a big mark and setting yourself up as an expert in your industry. 
  • The year isn’t over yet and I believe in the last quarter, you can meet your goals, implement those ideas and rock your greatness to the measure where you’ll look back and wow yourself. 

I believe you can get there.

Because my clients have done it before!

  • Abby Herman
  • Abby who has built a strong, profitable, sustainable business wanted to figure out a way to actually work on her business, not just on client work. In the mastermind, she buckled down and created a plan for writing and launching her first course
  • Kat Schmoyer
  • Kat launched her 6th Creative at Heart Conference during the mastermind all while preparing to launch a course, creating a content marketing calendar and becoming consistent with list growth and sending broadcasts to her list.

What's the Investment?

And if you're feeling super fiesty, you can snag a two thirty 1:1 session for HALF OFF the normal price if you sign up before 9/30/2017. That's only $1,800 for the Q4 Refresh + $475 for the 1:1 session. 

2017 ends in....


Have you accomplished your goals yet?

Imagine with me, this holiday season, you can step up and say:


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